The Kickoff

The CHES Kick off is usually held in September to welcome new members and to kick off the new school year! It is organized by members of the CHES Board and is held outdoors. Families are encouraged to attend. We usually have a "potluck" themed meal, games, and/or door prizes. This event is open to CHES members of all ages.  Families who are considering joining CHES are encouraged to attend.

This year it is a Back To School Family Fun Day on Saturday, September 18th. 

Field Trips

All CHES Members are encouraged to plan field trips, but there is a committee that makes sure that field trips are planned for CHES members. There is at least one field trip planned during each month throughout the traditional school calendar (September - May).

We have some great field trips already in the works for the 2021-2022 School Year.  

Co-Ops/Unity Study

We will have a five week Unit Study on Ancient Egypt in October / November 2021.  And, we plan to have an additional five week Unit Study in February / March 2022.  Click here for more information and to sign up.  

CHES Speakers

CHES Speakers is patterned after the junior version of Toastmasters International and its focus is to encourage public speaking among youth. At each meeting, each member has a vital role to play. Roles change from meeting to meeting. While each member will not speak in front of the group each week, he/she will be actively involved. Throughout the course of the year and depending on the number of students in the group, a student could  deliver up to 5 speeches in a year.  More Information and Sign-Ups will be coming soon.

Book Club

The CHES Book Club is offered for children who are in Pre-K through high school.  We meet monthly, September - May. Students discuss story elements such as characters, setting, climax, theme, and point-of-view are discussed. For 2021-2022, we will have five separate classes.  Click here to sign up for Book Club and see a list of the books we will be reading this year.  

CHES Science Club

We have offered a science class for the past few years.  If there are any parents interested in leading science activities for the kids, please let us know!


ClubCHES is a group for teens who are 13 - 18 years old, homeschooled, and who are members of CHES.  The ClubCHES teens have at least one big event for the teens each month including a formal, service projects, game nights and more.  There are additional smaller get-togethers, as well.  The ClubCHES teens have recently started a newspaper, The Sandhills Sword.  


Facebook Group

If you are part of CHES Group, make sure you join our Facebook page for regular updates and engagement.

Field Day

Organized by the Field Day Committee, has been ongoing for 14 years.  The very first field day was organized as part of a Greek Unit Study in which the Olympics (field day) was the Finale. Field Day is open to all CHES members ages 3 and up. Both moms and dads are encouraged to help out on the day of the event. Registration begins in January/February.  Field Day is usually during April or May.