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New To Homeschooling? 

Welcome To The Journey! 

New to Home Education?
Welcome to the Journey!

Now More Than Ever, there are many families beginning their home education journey...

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for more information and use the following links to get started on your journey.

​ALWAYS START here with this government link if you are considering opening a homeschool.

Acronym Key:

  • DNPE = North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education exists by authority of G.S. 115C-553, 561, 563(b) and 566(a) to administer the requirements of Article 39

  • DOA = Department of Administration DNPE is under the DOA when you become a homeschool you are a private school

  • NOI = Notice of Intent you file to legally operate a homeschool at The DOA DNPE

  • HSLDA = Homeschool Legal Defense Association

FAQ resources:

  • Very helpful one page document for you or your friends who plan to officially homeschool in the fall.

  • You may complete your NOI to operate your homeschool anytime after July 1 (No NOI during May or June) There is no deadline, but you must have it before removing your student from another school.

  • You may obtain a photocopy of your child's cumulative record from current school. Original records stay at the school.

  • If your child is under age 7 & will not turn 7 in school year or 18 or over you do not file a NOI.

  • DNPE Suggests you contact the school your child would otherwise be attending. Ask how grade placement will be handled should your decide to terminate your homeschool.

  • It is recommended that you do not withdraw your student until you have documentation from DNPE.

  • If you have filed a NOI at any time in the past, you do not need to file another NOI. Once filed, you are good to go until you terminate your school. Always notify the Division if address or enrollment changes. This can all be done in the portal where you file your NOI.

  • Click here for a list of Testing Companies in NC 

  • Suggestion ==> Print this out and keep it in your homeschool records.

  • NCHE and HSLDA are great resources to bookmark.  CHES Members are eligible for a discount on their HSLDA Membership fees.

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