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Membership is $25  (+ processing fees) per family per year, which runs September to August if you join by September 8th.  After September 8th, a family membership is $35  (+ processing fees).

For new families joining CHES, there is no deadline for receiving payment to join, and the price is $25 (+ processing fees) per family.


If you prefer a paper application, or if you have read through the site and still have questions about CHES, then simply send us a message or email and someone will be in touch soon!

*After submitting this form, I am aware I need to submit my payment for the year.  

Experience with Ches

In being allowed to participate in the activities sponsored by the Christian Home Educators of the Sandhills, CHES, and in consideration of the benefits to be derived there from, I_________________________________, hereby release CHES organization, its past and present members, officers, and guests from all claims and liabilities of any kind, whether known or unknown in the case of damaged property, illness, personal injury, or wrongful death resulting from any CHES sponsored event. My signature, as the parent or legal guardian of the children listed above, assumes responsibility of all risks associated with all CHES sponsored activities. I am agreeing not to give out any of our members’ personal information to any person or organization. Also, by my signature, I grant that I have read and will abide with all rules and regulations in the CHES handbook.

Image by Deleece Cook

Facebook Group

If you are part of CHES Group, make sure you join our Facebook page for regular updates and engagement.

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